Weekend In Bali

So this might seem a little crazy, but yes, we did in fact go to Bali for a long weekend.

This is the norm for aussies but for us brits Bali is definitely not the usual long weekend destination – the twenty-something hour flight might have something to do with it!

But anyway, it happened and we still don’t really know what came over us but I loved every second of it! Even after exploring for just 3 short days Bali became my favourite holiday destination and another (Longer!!) trip was booked as soon as we left!


The primary purpose of this trip (as with any – you’ll soon notice!) was one of gastronomy – because of this I after much research I chose to stay at the W Seminyak. (I think it was the Sunday boozy brunch that won me over!)


As you read through my blog I’m sure you’ll start to understand that simply, my life seems to revolve around good food and holidays. 

From staying at many hotels throughout my life, I’ve realised somehow the things that make the stay most memorable are the little almost insignificant details; you wouldn’t notice if they were absent, but having them there makes such a difference. Just one example; at the W retreat they had a member of their staff come around the pool to offer a free sunglass cleaning service, which was amazing, since my sunnies are always dirty!


Every corner at the W is designed for relaxing, the bars filed with couches looking out over the pools and beach. The pool surrounded by several round love seats, white canopied cabanas and even bean bags to float on the pool… although you’ll have to fight the kids for these!

What makes the W Hotels so unique is their design and vibe which is super young and modern. The Woo bar is a great example of this – even if you’re not staying at the W you must visit The Woo bar when in Bali. They have great drinks, snacks and music which attracts a young crowd – similar atmosphere to Potato Head, and with that just around the corner, what more could you want! Moreover, the location is idyllic, you can sit and watch the sunset whilst sipping your 100th cocktail of the day… Sounds perfect, right?!


Many facilities, like the pool, spa and gym and most importantly room service are open 24/7, so this is really a resort that never sleeps.



It’s okay to splurge a little bit when you’re traveling… in fact, when you’re in a place like Bali, Indonesia it’s definitely okay to splurge a little bit more than normal because the pound goes much further in places like Indonesia and Thailand. I’m pretty sure a beer worked out at around 45p!!

Potato Head Beach Club resembles a modern-day Coliseum and the eclectic mix of multi-coloured mismatched 18th century teak shutters, which were sourced from across the Indonesian archipelago, is both arresting and iconic.


What’s really cool about Potato Head is it’s laid back atmosphere. Lazing around is so natural and encouraged. Even with a two hour dining time limit, there was no rush to finish our meal – time was more than sufficient. It has a great system that just works. You dine for up to two hours in the dining area of either Potato Head Beach Club Restaurant and Bar or Lilin, and you get a chance to get on the waitlist while you eat. Following that, once an available daybed is free, the staff will check to see if you’re interested to take advantage of the open daybed and enjoy your drinks by the infinity pool overlooking the beachfront. Just perfect.

Alternatively, if by the end of meal time, no daybeds are available, you can sip cocktails by the lounge area and continue being on the waitlist.


It’s not just the way the place looks of course… which by the way is so visually appealing, it is out of this world! The really stand out star quality Potato Head has is just that je ne sais quoi and intimate way of taking the reservations, welcoming you into the bar, restaurant or even to the daybeds. There is never a moment where you are left lost. Everything is as it should be, everything is structured so that you’ll feel like you know how everything should be and so you can wander around knowing everything is well taken care of.


Highly recommend you take some time to include this in your itinerary for when you visit Bali!

These two places – whilst at the top of my bucket list are also at the top of many! They’re hardly a secret thats for sure! We did a little more exploring and found some cute hidden gems and when we revisit Bali later this year I will tell you all about them…

Millie, x

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